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We promote the present and future opportunities of each client

Advice for your investments

Our group of advisors accompanies each client to meet their objectives

Customized investment portfolios

We offer financial strategies appropriate to different investment profiles and goals.

Variety of products

More than 35,000 local and international investment options let us have the necessary flexibility at the moment of developing each strategy.

Information and trade ideas

The most complete research allows us to anticipate the situation and make better decisions

Your access to a world of opportunities

PPI Global is the most complete international investment platform on the market.

The biggest Supermarket of Investment Funds (FCI)

More than 25 families of leading funds of the market


Once you have opened your investment account, you only have to transfer your savings from your own bank account. These bank transfers are credited from Monday to Friday, 24 hours a day, within a maximum period of 2 hours.

We do not charge a commission for transfers to your account in PPI.

Your first deposit must be over $5,000. However, when you invest, bear in mind that each asset may have minimums (which are usually very low).

You will be able to invest in all local assets: stocks, bonds, CEDEAR, and in the main foreign markets with PPI Global. You will also have the most complete Investment Fund Supermarket on the market, offering more than 20 Leading Management Companies.

Yes, you can. Once you have opened your account in PPI, you can transfer securities of which you are the holder. You cannot transfer the shares you own in an Investment Fund, nor the cash you have in another investment account (another broker).

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