• Our services

We believe that the integration of our differents areas allows us to provide a unique, differential and strategic service, with a fast reaction of analysis against market movements.
A model that will allow each of our clients to make optimal portfolio decisions.

Sales & Trading

For 20 years, we have worked side by side with the financial teams of companies and entities in the management of their assets, detecting opportunities aligned with their business needs and strategies.

We have a team of advisors specialized in the management of corporate and institutional portfolios These professionals stand out in the market for their proactivity and commitment to the objectives of each client.

In a highly competitive market, we develop an innovative and efficient proposal by consolidating the Trading area of local and foreign clients.

This integration allows our clients to access greater flows, much more information and what is more relevant a better price for each of their transactions

We offer a professional and efficient service, applying the best practices of the industry and the most advanced technology in the market.


Our renowned Research team is made up of analysts of excellence, with almost 30 years of experience in the financial industry.

The solid link that we maintain with the main references of the economy and our deep level of analysis, allows us to permanently produce investment strategies and portfolios to anticipate different scenarios.

Our clients access this exclusive information through multiple communication channels, both online and offline.

Technological innovation

We pursue to be always at the forefront of technological innovation, analyzing and implementing all trends and tools available around the world in order to provide high quality services.

We created the most powerful and innovative platform in the Argentine market for our clients to be able to operate anywhere, anytime, and in real time, all the financial products available in the market, and with all the key analysis tools that helps them on the decision making process.

Innovation and progress are part of our DNA. We are continuously thinking, designing and developing processes and systems, such as new tools or features in our platforms, better ways to operate and communicate, and mechanisms to make internal processes -such as liquidations, operations or controls- more efficient and less risky.

Our IT team has extensive experience and solid knowledge in the financial market, which allows us to quickly adapt to any challenge or change in regulations, such as international trends or developments.